Bon, Willem Frederik

Willem Frederik Bon wordt op 15 juni 1940 in Amersfoort geboren als vierde kind in een muzikale familie. Zijn oudere broer Maarten is concertpianist, zus Marja ook, en zus Charlotte ...

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L' été : deuxième partie des "Saisons de Verlaine", contralto et orchestre, 1976 / Willem Frederik Bon

Жанр: Вокальная музыка
Суб-жанр: Voice and orchestra
Состав: alt 2fl fl-a 2ob eh 2cl cl-b 2fg 4h 4trp 3trb tb timp perc cel vibr mar hp str(

Music for status-seekers / Hans Kox

Жанр: Оркестр
Суб-жанр: Orchestra
Состав: 2221 0220 timp 3perc str

Partita : per orchestra, 1960 / Hans Henkemans

Жанр: Оркестр
Суб-жанр: Orchestra
Состав: 3333 4331 timp perc cel 2hp pf str

Auferstehung / Henri Zagwijn

Жанр: Оркестр
Суб-жанр: Orchestra
Состав: 3333 4331 timp perc cel org 2hp str



Circe : prelude for orchestra, (1972) / Willem Frederik Bon

Издательство: Amsterdam: Donemus, cop. 1972
Издательский номер: 03605
Жанр: Оркестр
Суб-жанр: Orchestra
Состав: 2fl 2ob 2cl 2fg 4h 2trp 2trb timp 4perc hp pf str
Особенности: Opgedragen aan Richard Williams en zijn Cedar Rapids Youth Symphony Orchestra. - Tijdsduur: ca. 13'
Продолжительность: 13'00"
Год композиции: 1972
Статус: пока нет в электронном виде (ожидаемое время изготовления 14 дней)

Program note (English): The piece is based on the tenth book of Homerus' Odyssey and symbolises the episode of Odysseuss' travels, when reaches the island of Circe. After transforming his crew into pigs Circe uses her charms to chain Odysseus to her bed for two years. The curse in which Odysseus is caught is symbolised in the piece in harp, vibraphone, celesta and piano, and in the middle movement in the first and second violins and oboes. The tranquillity disappears shortly afterwards as Odysseus' feelings of homesickness and military lust arise. Brass and percussion illustrate this phase in the tale. Following a large climax, which introduces the eventual departure from Circes' island, the scale passages in harp and wind instruments from the beginning return once more, but now descending, and the work concludes with a vague recollection to the beginning chords full of a southern warmth, with which the piece opened, as the drawing of the setting against which this history takes place. - WILLEM

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