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... del amor oscuro : versie voor hoorn en kamerorkest, 1992, revisie 1993 / Maarten Surtel

Жанр: Оркестр
Суб-жанр: Horn and large ensemble; Two or more different solo instruments and large ensemble
Состав: 0002 0000 cymb 2perc 8vl 4vla 3vc 2cb vl-vla-vc-solo h-solo

Variations traditionelles : '54 / Hugo Godron

Жанр: Оркестр
Суб-жанр: Orchestra
Состав: 2222 22(1)(1) perc (cel ad lib.) str

Inside outside : for orchestra and magnetic tape, 1969, revision 1989 / Enrique Raxach

Жанр: Оркестр
Суб-жанр: Orchestra; Orchestra with electronics
Состав: 3333 4440 4perc str( tape

Het lied der arme klanten : mannenkoor, harmonie orkest, 1977 / [tekst:] (Frederik van Eeden), Hans Kox

Жанр: Вокальная музыка
Суб-жанр: Male choir and HaFaBra
Состав: MK2 3161 4sax 2232 2crt 2altoh timp perc cb



Forbidden Music Regained : Volume 2

Издательский номер: 21454
Жанр: Неизвестно
Особенности: 25 scores available as hard-cover ring-bound scores (A4) or soft-cover pocket-scores (A5). Also available as separate titles. The series of published scores of Forbidden Music Regained is a collaborative project by Donemus Publishing, the Leo Smit Foundation and the Netherlands Music Institute. This series is financially supported by the Investeringsfonds Muziek, an initiative by Buma/Stemra and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.
Статус: целиком есть в электронном виде (готовность в доставке)

Другие авторы:
Belinfante, Daniel (composer)
Bordewijk-Roepman, Johanna (composer)
Bosmans, Henriëtte (composer)
Chapiro, Fania (composer)
Dresden, Sem (composer)
Frid, Géza (composer)
Hanf, Robert (composer)
Hijman, Julius (composer)
Kattenburg, Dick (composer)
Krieg, Hans (composer)
Lachman, Hans (composer)
Lilien, Ignace (composer)
Richter, Nico (composer)
Rosa, Andries de (composer)
Smit, Leo (composer)
Spanjaard, Martin (composer)
Wertheim, Rosy (composer)
Daniël Belinfante: Trio for flute, oboe and bassoon
Julius Hijman: 2nd Sonata for violoncello and piano
Dick Kattenburg: Escapade for two violins
Dick Kattenburg: Escapade, version for two violas
Hans Krieg: Jiskor: In memoriam for string orchestra and soprano ad libitum
Hans Lachman: Quatuor à cordes
Hans Lachman: Sonata for violoncello and piano
Hans Lachman: Two Fanfares for three trumpets and 4 trombones
Ignace Lilien: Modern Times Sonata for violin and piano
Nico Richter: Concertino for cello and 6 solo instruments
Andries de Rosa: Rhapsodie orientale for violin and piano
Daniël Belinfante: Eerste Strijkkwartet
Leo Smit: Quintette à cuivre (arranged by Bob Zimmerman)
Leo Smit: Sonata for flute and piano
Leo Smit: Sextuor for wind quintet and piano
Martin Spanjaard: Drei Lieder & Wiegeliedje for voice and piano
Rosy Wertheim: Vier Lieder for voice and piano
Rosy Wertheim: Ouverture for orchestra
Daniël Belinfante: Pianoconcertino for piano and chamber orchestra
Johanna Bordewijk-Roepman: Epiloog for orchestra
Henriëtte Bosmans: Sonate for violin and piano
Fania Chapiro: Tweede Cellosonate for violoncello and piano
Sem Dresden: Suite for wind quintet and piano, naar Rameau
Géza Frid: Twenty Duets for two violins
Robert (Bob) Hanf: Strijksextet
The series 'Forbidden Music Regained' proudly presents works by composers who were persecuted during the Second World War. Performances of these works were forbidden during the war. Many composers were imprisoned, several did not survive and others went into hiding.
After the war a new generation took over. The pre-war composers were soon forgotten and their compositions remained hidden in closets and archives or fell otherwise into oblivion. In recent decades numerous works have been rediscovered through the efforts of the Leo Smit Foundation. Some scores were found in attics, others in a garden shed and a pile of music was found by young children next to a garbage can. These compositions are of a high quality and deserve to be performed again. The diversity of styles represents the entire spectrum of the first half of the Twentieth century: romanticism, impressionism, modernism, neoclassicism, jazz, and so forth. This project aims to encourage musicians, young and old, from across the globe to perform these compositions, and for concert audiences to (once again) become acquainted with this “unheard” music.

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