Nielson, Lewis

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Tocsin (Die fünf Jahreszeiten) : for percussion sextet / Lewis Nielson

Жанр: Камерная музыка
Суб-жанр: Percussion
Состав: 6perc

Susandre : pour hautbois et baritone saxophone / Bernard van Beurden

Жанр: Камерная музыка
Суб-жанр: Wood Wind ensemble (2-12 players)
Состав: ob sax-b

Bark : for woodwind quintet / Ville Raasakka

Жанр: Камерная музыка
Суб-жанр: Wood Wind ensemble (2-12 players)
Состав: fl ob cl fg h

Recycle! : for oboe, clarinet in B flat, alto saxophone, bass clarinet and bassoon, 2003 / Gerard Beljon

Жанр: Камерная музыка
Суб-жанр: Wood Wind ensemble (2-12 players)
Состав: ob cl cl-b sax-a fg



alito, gémito : for woodwind quartet / Lewis Nielson

Издательский номер: 20862
Жанр: Камерная музыка
Суб-жанр: Wood Wind ensemble (2-12 players)
Состав: fl ob cl fg
Особенности: Written for the Georgia Woodwind Quartet. Dedicated to the GWQ, Richard Hoffmann and William Davis.
Число исполнителей: 4
Год композиции: 2001-2002
Статус: целиком есть в электронном виде (готовность в доставке)

alito, gémito is Italian for breathe, groan. I do not mean or intend any programmaticism by this; the progress and structure of the work, while open to a large number of interpretations (pictorial or literary), is not based on any particular event, object, or artifact. Like most of my recent pieces, this work is about the transformation of abstract material from one kind of sound into (and out of) another. The first movement, (Aequisonus), I, dedicated to my dear friend and spiritual father Richard Hoffmann, compresses and expands the pitch content of Schubert’s profound lied “Der Lindenbaum” from Die Winterreise. The concept of doing this stems from Richard’s incredible Memento Mori, although the actual processes are all my own. One should attend, however, to the sound in being and not interpolate all of the harmonic motions from the “source” (if that is even the right word), many of which are heavily veiled. Movement II (Quid es musica), the first composed work, is dedicated to my admired friend, William Davis. All parts are intrinsically related in pitch to each other for this movement and throughout the entire work but the almost total focus is on the transformation of these relations through the use of unconventional tone production rather than pitch obscures the more conventional structure, creating a new one based almost entirely mutating strands of lightly pitched contours and shadow sounds. The performers must be very sensitive to the gradations of sound far more than mere pitch accuracy or absolute constancy of rhythm. This kind of thinking about music has become a key feature of most of my recent works, part of a continuing process of integrating a constantly submerging pitch structure with a more dominant timbre focus, a process notable in almost everything I have written since 1991 but most clearly manifest in the Gargantuan bassoon solo Around…Among…Within of 1999, also written for Bill Davis.
Lewis Nielson

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