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Divertimento : voor fluit, hobo en piano / Lucas van Regteren Altena

Жанр: Камерная музыка
Суб-жанр: Wood Wind Ensemble and keyboard instrument
Состав: fl ob pf

Paramaecia : voor orkest, 1970 / Lucas van Regteren Altena

Жанр: Оркестр
Суб-жанр: Orchestra
Состав: 4120 2100 timp perc pf4h str

Poème discontinu : deux chants sur des textes tirés du recueil "Poème discontinu" de Pierre Borgue, pour soprano, flûte, violon, violoncelle et piano, (1971-'72) / Lucas van Regteren Altena

Жанр: Вокальная музыка
Суб-жанр: Voice and instrument(s)
Состав: sopr fl pf vl vc

новые издания

Strijkkwartet no. 1 : 1958 / Lucas van Regteren Altena

Жанр: Камерная музыка
Состав: 2vl vla vc



Regteren Altena, Lucas van

Гражданство: Netherlands
Дата рождения: 1924-12-13
Дата смерти: 2000-03-30

Lucas van Regteren Altena (December 13, 1924) studies flute with Nic Klasen and Hubert Barwahser and music theory with Wouter Paap and Herman Strategier. He mainly works as a flutist in various orchestras, including the Promenade Orkest of the Dutch broadcasting company. Besides he is a soloist, chamber musician and a flute teacher. Lucas van Regteren Altena writes orchestral and chamber music, songs, choral works, film- and stage music, often in commission by the Ministry of Education, Arts and Sciences, the Dutch Radio Broadcasting Company and other important cultural funds. Lucas van Regteren Altena dies on March 30, 2000 in Hilversum.